Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue: New Release

Orphan Barrel is coming out with a new expression and it’s old enough to get a driver’s license. Copper Tongue is 16 years aged, 89.8 proof and it received its namesake from the actual reptiles seen basking around the grounds of the facility it’s made in, Cascade Hollow Distillery. Cascade Hollow’s last addition to the Orphan Barrel collection was the 2016 Whoop & Holler. Copper Tongue is about a decade younger and Orphan Barrel combines some aspects of both Scottish and American whiskey production.

“Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue brings together traditions from both American and Scotch whiskeys, and the result is a sophisticated straight bourbon that’s surprisingly delicate. With this release, I can’t wait to share this rare whiskey with the world and showcase a bit of the magic that can comes from Cascade Hollow.”

Cascade Hollow Distilling Distiller – Nicole Austin.

Orphan Barrel has always been a favorite around here at the blog. One of my favorites being their expression, Forged Oak. You can spot these bottles by their characteristic brick-like shape and always unique label art. The label art on Copper Tongue features a copperhead snaked coiled over a column still reminiscent of a caduceus staff. We’re not sure that this bourbon will be the cure-all for all of our ailments, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to try!

As is tradition with Orphan Barrel, this will be a limited release and is dropping in the stores this June. You should be seeing these at around $100 a bottle and jumping off the shelves due to their allocated quantity. Happy Hunting. Learn more about Orphan Barrel and how they make their unique bourbons by clicking here.

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