Pritzker Private Capital Buys Bardstown Bourbon Co.

In a landmark deal, Pritzker Private Capital has purchased Bardstown Bourbon Company. Bardstown is one of the largest producers of whiskey in the US, making over 50 different mash bills for over 30 different brands. Some of those brands are popular names in the whiskey industry, like Kentucky Owl, High West, and Jefferson’s.

This deal comes as somewhat of a shock to the bourbon community, as there wasn’t much indicator that there was to be an acquisition before today’s announcement. The purchase price was undisclosed.

This comes at a time when it is increasingly common for private investment companies and equity firms to purchase distilleries doing well in the current whiskey boom. They are looking to diversify holdings and profits among breakout industries and companies, and with the craze for whiskey nowhere near its peak, medium-to-large distilleries have been in the crosshairs.

A good indication that we can continue to expect quality from Bardstown is that the current management and investor pool are investing alongside Pritzker to continue holding an interest in the company. This means that they have a vested interest in keeping the company producing quality spirits they can be proud of.

Overall, fans of the brand have a healthy amount of tension while they wait to see the direction this new ownership will take Bardstown. Only time will tell, and the whiskey world will be watching to see how this major acquisition shapes the landscape for future equity firms in their pursuit of whiskey distilleries.

To learn more about Pritzker, click here. And, to learn more about Bardstown Bourbon Company, click here.

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