Pure Kentucky Whiskey Review

Bottle of Pure Kentucky Whiskey

Pure Kentucky Whiskey Quick Stats:

Spirit: Pure Kentucky Whiskey

Distiller: Willett Distillery

Aged: At least 4 years old

Price: $30-35

Proof: 107

Willett Distillery Website

About The Distillery:

Once on the distillery grounds, one begins to understand just how unique the distillery and its surroundings are. Great efforts went to restore the main distillery building, cistern room, and aging warehouses. As a result, these restorations of the grounds have the left the property totally transformed. We have even more exciting developments in the works. From underground, spring-fed lakes, to the Kentucky split-face limestone exterior, it truly makes for a memorable trip. Our old turn-of-the-century belt and pulley fan systems running throughout the distillery and visitor center are a sight to see.

About The Bottle:
Kentucky, USA- Pure Kentucky is an all natural product. Made with all natural ingredients and from pure limestone water. It is a true masterpiece among Kentucky’s finest Bourbons. This bourbon is hand-bottled, extra old, in very limited quantities. One small batch at a time. This bottle is an update from its previous appearance. It is exchanges a cork for its previous screw top as well as some curves in the neck and body of the bottle.

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Notes & Review

Nose: Bold and aromatic. An interesting mixture of fruity and spicy. Oak and toffee on the tail end. 

Palate: Following the nose, we have a spiced palate. Oily coating that has cinnamon, vanilla and clove. Traditional oak and woody vanilla. 

Finish: Oily and lingering. Vanilla is the dominant note here, baking spice that warms with the fading of the 107 proof sip. 


A not very well known expression from Willett Distillery, this guy manages to sneak by some whiskey consumers on the shelves. The only reason I became aware of it’s existence is because they dole some out on the distillery tour at Willett. Much to my surprise this pour stood out even amongst their widely renown four year rye. So much so that I made it my mission to find one on the drive home from Kentucky after having sampled some at Willett. 

The first thing that caught me off guard about this bourbon was the nose. It’s another 107 proofer and it gives you a bold slap in the face with some spiced winter fruits and tails out into some oaky toffee. It’s a jarring wakeup call for your sinuses but it rewards you for making it through the initial burst with some soothing fruit and oak. 

A viscous palate coats your tongue from sipping this pour. As hinted previously through the nose we know we’re in for some spice on this journey. The fruitiness of the nose gives way to the spice on the palate. Cinnamon, vanilla and clove are the main things that come to mind when picking out the dominant flavors in this pour. Oak follows the big three and helps ease the palate into a warming finish. 

Oily bourbons usually linger on the finish and this falls in line with that pattern. Oak trails off and leads into a vanilla and baking spice diminuendo. Thick and oily, this pour holds on for about 20-30 seconds before releasing its spiced vanilla stranglehold and saying adieu.  

Having had multiple people try this bourbon, I’ve seen a severely less divisive reaction from this pour as opposed to Willett’s pot still bourbon. You either love that stuff or you hate it.  This bottle should retail at about $35 and at that price I can highly recommend giving this bourbon a shot. Also, for all the people who have tried this one in the past, Willett has changed their bottle for Pure Kentucky and the juice that’s inside so give this new stuff a shot if you haven’t had a pour since it’s redesign and tell us what you think! Cheers. 

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