Rabbit Hole Cavehill Review

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Quick Stats:

Spirit: Rabbit Hole Cavehill

Distiller: Rabbit Hole

Aged: Over 3 years

Price: $59.99

Proof: 95

Rabbit Hole Distillery Website

About The Distillery:

In this digital world of virtual friends, bots, and blogs, the one true thing is love. It allows us to let go of our avatar masks and reveal the beauty that resides within. It gives us the courage to pursue passions with youthful optimism and stare wide-eyed at the possibilities ahead.

Our founder fell in love with Bourbon and the dream to be part of a tradition dating back to the early settlers of our Kentucky Commonwealth. He risked it all, going down a rabbit hole to create true, original, one-of-a-kind spirits for the discerning and build a legacy to last lifetimes.

No shortcuts. No compromise. Nothing left to chance. With a clear mission to cut through the noise, he set out to redefine the standard for American Whiskey. So, find what you love, and go all in. Because destiny is a choice.

About The Bottle:
Cavehill’s contemporary mash bill consists of corn, malted barley, honey malted barley and malted wheat. We take the extra care to malt all of our secondary grains to increase their depth. Giving us a flavor profile like no other. We age Cavehill in hand-picked Kelvin Cooperage American White Oak Barrels. When the bourbon reaches maturity, we intimately blend a small batch of no more than 15 barrels to create the finished product. This marvel of modern distillation wows the sense with lovely aromas of spice and fresh apples. When sipped, you experience honey, mint and creamy orange. As Cavehill falls to the back of your palate, it evolves into vanilla and custard. Our four-grain recipe gives this bourbon a cornucopia of flavors that are distinguishable yet lasting, no matter your style.

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Notes & Review

Nose: Sweet mash smell. Cream sweet corn, honey-mint, gala apple.

Palate: Smooth and flavorful. Fruit, citrus, faint charred wood and oatmeal.

Finish: Mild spice and airy sweet. Pepper, baking spice, smoky oak and caramel.

Review:  Today we have something up and coming in the whiskey world, a four grain straight bourbon. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of four grains used to make whiskey. Corn, Wheat, Barley and honey barley. Let’s take a sip and see what these four grains can do 

It’s like nosing a fermentation tank. If you’ve ever taken a tour of a distillery you’ll know the exact smell I’m referring to. That intoxicating aroma that soaks into all of your clothing and every fiber of your being. Mash. Sweet, bready and wonderful. You also get wafts of creamed sweet corn with fruited honey and hints of mint 

The palate simultaneously expresses the depth of a 3 year aged spirit along with fresh mash characteristics. The older flavors found in the barrel like oak and citrus intermingle with the fresh bread yeast and oatmeal one would find upon tasting the contents of their mash tanks. To have these two different ends of the process to show up in both the palate and the nose is a tantalizing experience for me. One that I dig and can get behind. 

The finish has a light and airy composition to it. Spicy and sweet. Doesn’t hang around too long, but pleasant for the duration it does spend with you. Oddly enough, for being a primarily sweet grained mashbill it has a characteristically rye finish to it. Spicy but definitely mellowed out by the prominent sweet notes that tag along with it.

Four grains are beginning to pop up in the ever growing whiskey market. If you are interested in seeing what this new category has to offer, I’d highly suggest picking up a pour or bottle of this. 

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