Rabbit Hole – Dereringer

  • Distiller: Rabbit Hole Distillery
  • Spirit: Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon Whiskey
  • Aged: Unstated
  • Proof: 93
  • Purchase Price: $76.99

From the Distiller: “Our Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon epitomizes Kaveh’s wife, Heather. Elegant, sweet, and charming, she is the muse behind our brand. A Louisville native and bourbon enthusiast, she lured Kaveh away from his beloved Scotch and down a rabbit hole he may have never dared alone.”


Review & Score

Nose: Sweet sherry and caramel are strong on the nose with lighter notes of sweet corn and ethanol behind. 

Palate: Sweet corn and sherry up on the front with notes of raisin and almond behind it. 

Body: It’s a lighter and easier drink. It’s a thin pour meaning the flavors are easier to pick apart.

Finish: A light finish with small notes of wood and burnt caramel. Afterwards, the sherry and charcoal stick it out in a long ending. 

Conclusion: Being the first Rabbit Hole expression we’ve tried, we’re rather impressed. It is nice neat and we’d imagine would be stellar in a cocktail with that sweetness from the sherry adding an extra dimension. We wouldn’t recommend it over ice, as we don’t want to further thin out the pour’s flavors. It’s got a nice balance as it is, and we think diluting it would detract from that. For a distillery that opened in 2018, we’re pretty excited to see where they go, because they’re going to be sticking around. 

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