Rabbit Hole’s Next Founder’s Bottle: Nevallier

Rabbit Hole has unveiled the next bottle in their hugely popular Founder Series Collection: Nevallier. It’s a 16-year Bourbon finished in French Oak Barrels. But, as always with the Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection, there’s so much more behind the bottle.

There will only be 100 bottles of Nevailler available at the distillery on National Bourbon Day (June, 14). And, if it’s anything like the previous years, it’s going to be a wild time over there. Especially with each purchase entering you into a raffle for custom Rabbit Hole Air Jordans. As for retail, around another 1,000 bottles will be available around the country making it a hyper-limited release.

The 4th entry into the Founder Collection Series: Nevallier

“It’s not a cliché for me to say that I go down ‘rabbit holes’ to challenge what bourbon is and what it can be. This element of exploration and a willingness to take risks is exactly what our Founder’s Collection represents. With Nevallier, I set out to explore how bourbon could be transformed by French Oak and the result is a whiskey that is completely unique in relation to the other whiskeys I have produced. Nevallier nudges bourbon past its traditional borders and it is my hope that this one-of-a-kind spirit expands the perception of bourbon among those who have a deep appreciation for fine whiskey.”

Kaveh Zimmanian via The Bourbon Review

The bottle itself clocks in at 115.8 proof, putting it in somewhat of a “sweet spot.” This proof makes it accessible to newer enthusiasts, as well as likely satisfying veteran whiskey drinkers who like higher proofs.

After being aged for 15-years in New Charred American Oak, it was then finished for a year in French Oak. The casks were made by one of France’s most renowned cooperates, Tonnellerie Leroi. This is to celebrate the connection between France and Bourbon.

The release will sit at $895 per bottle. This may seem steep, but we have to admit, the Mizunara we tried is one of our top three favorite spirits we’ve ever tried. You can see that review by clicking here. So, while it’s got a significant price tag associated with it, it’s much more accessible than its predecessor. At least, cost-wise.

If you’d like to learn more about Rabbit Hole and their lineup of awesome whiskeys, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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