Rabbit Hole Is Helping You Be The Ultimate Guest

Countless pieces of content about whiskey are created daily. From reviews, to funny videos, to historical pieces, we have seen a massive surge of content that has kept pace with the rapidly growing demand for this historic spirit.

However, Kentucky-based distillery Rabbit Hole is taking a new approach by discussing something many overlook. While a simple Google search can turn up many articles about hosting whiskey tastings and other events, there is nearly nothing about being an ideal guest.

“Guesting,” as they call it, is actually more complex than one would think. It requires more than just showing up to drink some spirits. It’s a mix of being thoughtful, punctual, respectful, and open in a way that many people overlook. Rabbit Hole has broken it down into bite-sized pieces of information for those who wish to brush up on their skills as a houseguest.

With the increase of whiskey events, both at home and at shops and distilleries, and with how increasingly difficult it is to find some of the pours typically offered, it’s more important than ever to understand how to be respectful and thankful for the opportunity to participate in these events.

Being a good guest also increases your chances of being invited back, garnering a positive reputation in your whiskey community, and being invited to even more exclusive events by those who recognize and appreciate your efforts.

From what to wear to topics of discussion, Rabbit Hole is trying to bring back an awareness of how to be the ultimate guest. It would behoove those of us who regularly attend these events to read these articles and see if there are things we’ve missed so that we can improve our guesting.

You can learn more about their houseguest campaign by clicking here.

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