Rock Hill Farms


  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • Spirit: Bourbon
  • Aged: Unspecified
  • Proof: 100
  • Purchase Price: $54.99

About the Bottle:  When Buffalo Trace launched Blanton’s in 1984, they realized the variety of flavors that could come from their patented “Mash Bill No. 2.”

Some of Buffalo Trace’s most notable products all come from this primordial mash. Namely, Blanton’s (as previously mentioned) and Elmer T. Lee all come from this mash.

However, though the mash is the same, and the products are related, the flavor profiles couldn’t be farther apart. The location and style in which the mash is aged in the Buffalo Trace warehouses leads to drastically different final products.

Sticking with the horse theme, Buffalo Trace released yet another single-barrel product by the name of Rock Hill Farms.


Review & Score

Nose: Vanilla cream, baked apple, dried peach, caramel, and oak. It is light and poppy, like springtime. 

Palate: Dried berry, fig, bitter cocoa, malted rye, oak, and baked apple. 

Body: Warm and full-bodied. 

Finish: Long finish that sticks with light charred oak, dried fig, and floral sweetness. 

Conclusion: We rather liked the pour. Which is expected from a single-barrel release from a company that’s stood the test of time as well as Buffalo Trace has. We liked the dried spice and fruit/berry mix with the rugged wood and leather flavors. The light sweetness keeps it from diving too far down into the savory profile, reminding you that it is a bourbon. We’d recommend picking it up, that is, if you can find it or have a very good friend that can. 

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