St. Augustine Florida Double Cask

St. Augustine Double Cask

So my sampling buddy and I went to our usual spot to pick up another “sipper” whiskey (sample being our word for cheap whiskey for when we’re already a few drinks deep). Instead, we found this whiskey local to our home state, and from a town I take my daughter to visit every couple of months.

Spirit Info:

  • Distillery: St. Augustine Distillery
  • Spirit: Double Cask “bourbon”
  • Aged: 16 – 28 month blend
  • Proof: 93.8
  • Purchase Price: $49.99

Nose: Strong oak scent, dried dates, earthy tones that fade into cinnamon and prune.

Palate: Mildly charred oak, dried leaves, caramel, dates, and cinnamon.

Body: Heavy bodied and hot in a gut-warming way.

Afterglow: Charcoal, charred oak, caramel, and toasted pine nuts.

Conclusion: I was rather impressed. It is definitely something I would sip on poured over a few cubes and left out to sit for a few minutes. The thing that pulled it down to the lower B range was the heat for a lower proof, and the price vs. what I felt I got out of it. Still a good buy worth trying.

Grade: B


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