Tarpon Springs Distillery Wins Big With Historic Spirit

The history of spirits is a unique one. Originally used for incense and medicine, the art of distillation has shifted drastically. However, with this recent surge in spirits enthusiasts, some of that history has come back to the stage light. Some of it is the process, some of it is the use of old technology, and, some of it is drinkable.

We’ve previously written about Tarpon Springs Distillery’s Aquavit, which you can find by clicking here. The name translates to “water of life” and was a distilled liquor married with herbs, seeds, and spices that were supposed to bring health and longevity. But, recently, Aquavit has gone from a cool and niche piece of history to a recognized category in international competitions.

Tarpon’s Aquavit has won “Best in Category for Aquavit” at the ADI International Spirits Competition. It’s a coveted title that distilleries around the world submit their very best to in hopes of winning for their category. These titles win more than just prestige for craft distilleries, as it also helps them get recognized by a wider market and expand their markets. And, Tarpon’s Aquavit did just that by proving itself as the best Aquavit around.

Owners Barry and Lisa, the husband and wife dynamic duo pour their very heart and soul into each of their spirits. Barry has said time and time again that his goal is to make the best spirits he possibly can. Each batch is meticulously crafted. So, that leads to some pretty dang high-quality spirits rolling out. Barry is more interested in people loving his spirits than he is just about anything else. As a spirits enthusiast, that’s an A+ in my book.

Hopefully, Tarpon Springs distillery opens the conversation for more craft distilleries to go out on a branch and try something crazy new. Or, in this case, something crazy historic. The wider the breadth of spirits to try, the more we get to explore and enjoy.

You can check out more of Tarpon Spring’s Spirits by clicking here.

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