Tarpon Springs Is Cooking Up Crazy Gin

Innovation can significantly drive fun and exciting things from craft distilleries. The pursuit of novelty and the research to find the next big thing can lead us down new rabbit holes. However, some distilleries aren’t looking for the endgame. They aren’t focused on creating the next big thing. They are just focused on the pure love of the craft. And, to me, those are the most exciting distilleries to follow.

Tarpon Springs Distillery Anclote Gin Smoked Mullet

Tarpon Springs Distillery is doing some crazy things over in their secret lab. Most of it is focused on new and innovative flavors and offerings for their Gin. The photo above shows one of their “Lab” marked bottles that features a recipe centered around smoked mullet.

I know, I know, your first thought is probably “what?” But, hear me out. It’s pretty dang good. It’s something I would have never thought of, and the only smoked mullet-based liquor I have heard of in the world. And it tastes delicious with botanical notes and a slight briny and smoky note to it. The oil from the fish adds a full mouthfeel to it without it tasting “fishy.” This would be at home alongside smoked meat or a nice seafood spread.

Yet another one of their offerings is their Holy Guacamole gin. This one tastes straight like you’re eating a corn chip with guacamole. It’s unbelievable how perfectly they captured this flavor profile; it can be nearly shocking how accurate it is. This is just the masterful work of Master Distiller and mad scientist Barry Butler who has dedicated his retirement to producing incredible, distinct, and delicious spirits for us to enjoy.

He has focused his time perfecting the craft of the spirits. And his focus is on creating the best spirits he can. He’s less concerned with the breadth of portfolio or market share and more concerned with “wowing” everyone that tastes his distillations. This has led this craft distillery to win numerous awards and become a shining jewel in a crowded market.

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, you need to swing by and see what crazy concoction they’ve come up with next. And, while you’re out there, don’t forget to enjoy some delicious Greek food along the sponge docks. Tarpon Springs is an absolute delight for foodies and those who want a taste of Greece stateside.

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