The Whiskey Culture Team

Greg Sinadinos

CEO / Head Author

Greg started his spirits journey writing a whiskey periodical for Fine Tobacco NYC Magazine. He began answering review requests under a social media page he named “Whiskey Culture,” which quickly merged with Greg’s passion for connecting with others and his interest in history.

Today, Greg travels the country not just looking for great whiskey, but also exploring the history and individuals that the whiskey community is founded upon. He has authored “Whiskey History From Around The World” and is the host of “The Rickhouse” web series.

He connects with various whiskey societies, cigar groups, and venues to plan and craft engaging classes where participants will learn more about the world of whiskey. From tastings, to pairings, to history, to speaking engagements, Greg brings memorable events to life.

Orion Brader

Production Manager

Orion has been friends with Greg since their high school days.

His love for whiskey grew as he tried different pours Greg was reviewing for Whiskey Culture. And, when Whiskey Culture began traveling around the country, he went with them to document their whiskey expeditions.

Orion now works full-time for Whiskey Culture managing our production schedule and ensuring the quality of our content. He oversees our contributor program, and can be found alongside Greg during their trips to Kentucky either behind the camera, or behind a glass of fine whiskey after a long day of shooting footage.

Brian Merck


Brian and Greg met in college and quickly became good friends, both sharing notes and pours of whiskey.

He lives in Tallahassee, FL where he is our head editor, ensuring that our contributor program and community article submissions are pristine and ready for publication.

Brian’s particular brand of humor, generosity, and good will alongside his awesome editing skills have made him an excellent addition to the Whiskey Culture family.

Regular Contributors

Chris Payne

Chris first became affiliated with Whiskey Culture when he met Greg at one of their regular hangouts, Whiskey Willy’s in Tampa, FL.

Their mutual love for whiskey and connecting with other whiskey enthusiasts quickly spurred a great friendship between them. Chris and Greg would share samples, and hunt bottles for each other as their travels took them around the country.

Chris regularly attended Whiskey Culture events, and was even invited to sit on the tasting panel for Whiskey Culture’s first private barrel pick!

Now in Philadelphia, Chris is a regular contributor for Whiskey Culture writing op-ed pieces and bottle reviews.

Bradley McLaughlin

I first met Greg in the middle of a scheduling snafu. This rare opportunity turned two internet friends into a deep conversation. At the time I was working 7 days a week. Monday through Friday at my day job and Saturday and Sunday exploring my passion, whiskey! I spend a lot of my free time researching and writing opinion articles or reviewing whiskey for my personal social media pages. Within 36 hours, a common bond was formed. 

I have my own company where I host whiskey tastings for corporate events or guys nights out. I focus a lot of my time on exploring brands that are not on everyone’s radar. I pride myself on finding hidden gems that sit on the shelf at multiple stores you visit daily. The history of whiskey as well as teaching people why they like what they drink is what drives me. 

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