The Standard – Nashville, TN

The Standard in Nashville, TN has a lot to offer.

Delicious steaks, truffled potato cakes, a luxurious atmosphere, great service, and delicious whiskey cocktails. It’s a spot that would be a great night out for any whiskey enthusiasts who find themselves in the downtown Nashville area.

We’ve had the pleasure of dining at The Standard twice during our filming travels. First, we were there with musician Chris Weaver of The Chris Weaver Band. He had us out to introduce us to Jason Ridgel, owner of Guidance Whiskey. Jason eventually became one of our official partners, and the second time was an event cobranded with Guidance Whiskey. It was a lovely evening teaching others the process of tasting and assessing whiskeys.

Both times, we had dinner and drinks. And, both times we were incredibly impressed with the consistent deliciousness of our meals.

The first time we were there, I had an assortment of appetizers and cocktails. Each was more delicious than the next. However, Orion, our operations manager got the filet mignon and it was easily one of the single best steaks we’d ever had.

The filet mignon is melt-in-your-mouth tender. Each of the three that we’ve had has consistently met the “can be cut with a fork” standard.

It comes topped with “The Standard Sauce,” which is a closely guarded recipe. However, we can tell you it’s delicious, creamy, and is a nice compliment to the ensemble without overpowering the beef.

The truffle cake on the bottom is a cake made of truffled mashed potato, pan-fried until it’s got a nice golden brown crust. The cake is crispy on the outside and fluffy and delicious on the inside.

It’s then topped with crispy, tobacco-smoked onions, which add a nice crunch to the bite.

Honestly, I’m not usually one to mix my food. I enjoy a good steak and some nice sides. But, I enjoy them separately.

Though, all of this works together. The textures, crunchy, meaty, fluffy, and creamy, all work together to create a textured bite. The flavors meld well. The light smoke of the onions, the distinctive taste of truffle, and the lightly salted meatiness of the filet all come together expertly.

The cocktails are deliciously composed at The Standard.

They have a wide variety of selections. From old classics, like the Manhattan, to delicious new spins like their “new fashioned.” Each one is made by experienced bartenders who are capable of making good recommendations based on your tastes.

Overall, The Standard in Nashville has a great vibe, delicious food, and quality drinks for both new and veteran whiskey enthusiasts.

Pair all of that with their amazing service and even cooler “Standard Club” VIP upstairs area and you’ve got a place that’s a can’t miss when visiting Nashville, TN.

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