About Whiskey Culture

Whiskey Culture is an exploration into the world of whiskey.

What started as a hobby evolved into a passion project, and from there became one of the top whiskey publications and content channels in the world.

We work every day to bring you fun and engaging new content, full of new ideas and insights. We focus on making our content both valuable and entertaining.

Thank you for being a part of the Whiskey Culture.

The Team

Greg Sinadinos

Greg Sinadinos

CEO & Chief Content Creator

Greg Sinadinos’ whiskey journey began one fateful night in 2013. His neighbor and friend in college turned 21 and they went out for a drink. There, he had a pour of whiskey that would change his life.

He began hunting for new pours of great whiskey and wrote about his thoughts on his personal social media channels. Soon, he was picked up to write some articles for NY Fine Wine & Tobacco Magazine.

After, he continued writing under the pseudonym "Whiskey Culture," where he would write about what he had learned and tried.

It was in 2019 that Whiskey Culture began transforming from a hobby into a true passion project. He went from 4,000 followers to over 100,000 in three short years and authored his book "Whiskey History From Around The World."

Now, he’s a full-time whiskey journalist traveling the world to write and create content about his passion for whiskey, its history, and the culture that surrounds it.

He is also the host of "The Whiskey Culture Podcast" and his web series "The Rickhouse."

Orion Brader

Orion Brader

Production Manager

Orion Brader and Greg have been friends since they met in high school.

During Whiskey Culture’s early days, he would travel with Greg to help gather content as the publication grew. Now, he works full-time capturing and producing visual content for our readers and our clients.

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams

Operations Manager

Ricky Williams and Greg have been friends for over 15 years.

During the early days, he would attend Whiskey Culture events and lend a hand here-and-there when he was needed. Now, he’s using his professional expertise to manage our operations, deadlines, and partnership program.

Chris Payne

Chris Payne

Marketing & PR Manager

Chris and Greg met a few years ago in Tampa at their favorite liquor store, Whiskey Willy’s.

They became quick friends, sharing a love for whiskey and the whiskey community. Now, Chris manages our brand and influencer collaborations, store program, and event appearances.

Brian Merck

Brian Merck

Chief Editor

Brian and Greg met in college and bonded over sharing class notes and pours of whiskey.

Now, Brian’s particularly vibrant sense of humor, eye for detail, and editing prowess help us keep our written content polished for both our readers and our clients.