Three Accessories Every Home Bar Should Have

Having a stacked-out liquor cabinet full of rare whiskey can be impressive. However, you should have an equally stacked-out home bar to go with it. While drinking whiskey straight seems to be the right of passage for enthusiasts everywhere, being able to mix a bevy of beautiful cocktails should be a priority as well!

We also have included some convenient links to purchase each of these items. If you purchase, it’ll help us out as well as giving you a bomb home bar!

A picture of a cocktail set

Cocktail Set

A cocktail set is a must when building out your home bar. Not just because it makes you look like you’ve got mad skills, but also because it you’re looking to make most craft cocktails, you’re going to need these tools handy.

The shaker is used for a variety of craft cocktails. The pour nozzles can be attached to the bottles you use most for easy pouring and measuring. The cocktail spoon allows you to fully stir cocktails in longer classes. The jig allows you to give each of your cocktails consistency with precise measurements. The ice tongs let you grab ice without using your hands, keeping things clean. The muddler allows you to lightly extract oils and essences from herbs or citrus without macerating it. The strainer fits to various glasses to give you a clean pour for great presentation.

And the wine and bottle opener are great for those enjoying alternative beverages rather than enjoying your sweet mixology skills (yeah, we never liked those guys anyways).

If you’d like to buy a full set without breaking the bank, Amazon has a great set available here.

A picture of Glencairn Glasses for a Home Bar

Glencairn Glasses

Glencairn glasses do a lot for you when it comes to whiskey appreciation.

They are designed to help each of your senses when assessing the whiskey.

The glass allows the light to amplify the color of the whiskey. Gelencairns have curved top helps funnel the aromas so you can have a more full nosing. The glass’ shape gives it a better surface area to help the whiskey breathe. The flavors are able to open up more with this extra surface area, giving you a more robust tasting experience.

However, the glencairn is hardly new. It was invented in 2001 with the input of master distillers from around the globe. The goal was to create a drinking vessel that would enhance the tasting experience. They wanted to create something practical and affordable. Thus, the glencairn was born.

If you’d like to have a set of glencairns for your home bar, you can click here to order a set of four!

Mixing Glass

A picture of a mixing glass for your home bar.

While the cocktail kit is great for making shaken drinks and having a base of necessary tools, a mixing glass can make all the difference. Things like an Old Fashioned are traditionally made with one of these mixing glasses rather than in a shaker. It changes the way in which the ingredients mix together and the consistency of the drink.

A mixing glass with some flair can make a striking difference when mixing a cocktail. They are designed to be spacious enough for the spoon to get the ingredients mixed without disturbing the cocktail too much. It also allows the ice to have enough surface area to cool the liquid and doesn’t transfer temperature nearly as much as a metal shaker.

The spout allows for easy pouring, especially when paired with a julep or Hawthorne strainer.

Having one of these on hand can make or break your cocktail!

You can pick one up by clicking here!

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