Three Years of Guidance Whiskey

Whiskey is more than just a drink, it has heart. I mean… both literally and figuratively.

So many brands are so much more than what’s in the bottle. Many of them are the product of years and years of hard work, passion, sacrifice, and sleepless nights for distillery founders. It’s a saturated market, and you have to have the tenacity, love, and enthusiasm to make it in an industry where over 75% of new businesses never see the three-year mark.

That’s why it’s all the more impressive that Jason Ridgel is celebrating his third year owning Guidance Whiskey.

We’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Jason, both in a professional capacity and as friends enjoying a glass of whiskey together. He is someone that’s full of love for others, radiates a passion for whiskey, and has a charisma that’s infectious and makes you want to see him succeed.

Jason is just “one of those people” that you feel charged and invigorated around. Like a second wind personified.

When Jason was younger, he promised his family that he’d always pursue greatness. So, that’s exactly what he’s done. Jason is a serial entrepreneur through and through. He cut his teeth building businesses from a young age until he finally founded Guidance in 2018. Since then, his operation in Nashville, TN has spread to multiple states and he’s won fans and partners across the country.

The whiskey speaks for itself. The community around it is growing at a monstrous pace. Jason has gone from building his Nashville footprint to hosting events around the country and having talks about international distribution.

That’s a massive trajectory for a distillery of only three years.

But, Jason keeps on keeping on. He lives by his virtue of truth and community and lets love and passion guide him. Every single person we’ve spoken to about guidance mentions how much they enjoy his vision and presence. That’s a testament to everything Jason is building.

He’s not just building a whiskey brand, he’s building an entire community that values the same things he does. People that appreciate transparency, fun, passion, and stories the same way he does.

Here’s a “cheers” to Jason and Guidance Whiskey on their three-year milestone. It’s a big one, and with the way Jason is building Guidance, we’re sure there are many more to come.

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