Traverse City – North Coast Rye

  • Distiller: Traverse City Michigan
  • Spirit: Rye Blend
  • Aged: 3+ Years
  • Proof: 90
  • Purchase Price: $39.99

    About The Distillery: “Here at The Traverse City Whiskey Co., we’ve worked hard to reconstruct the recipe that’s been lingering in one of our family heirlooms for three generations. Every day we’re busy distilling the best whiskey around using the techniques derived directly from my great-grandfather’s patents.”

Rye Whiskies are one of those things we’re just very critical of here at the blog. Some are excellent, and some are like drinking a pile of leaves and hay on fire in both taste and burn. However, when you begin finding quality made ryes, it opens a whole other world of flavors and unique notes.

Traverse city has done a great job making a rye that stands out with nice earthy flavors, balanced heat, and unique notes that enhance the experience rather than detract from it.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Value

Rating & Review


Nose: Uncomplicated with notes of baking spice, heat-dried rye, fresh cut oak, citrus, and wood sugar

Palate: Baked rye bread, ground fennel seed, honey, and charred oak

Finish: Dry heated wood and caramel

Final Thoughts: For every good rye whiskey, there are 3 bad ones. Luckily, the North Coast Rye is one of the great ones. The flavors are earthy and straightforward. The palate is rich and simple. And the finish is dry and uncomplicated. There are nice notes of baking spices throughout that lend a complimentary undertone to the experience. At $40 a bottle, that’s one to put on the shelf. 

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