Two Souls Spirits Whiskey Bourbon

Two Souls Spirits Seeks Great Whiskey

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. And there are now those who also, in addition, seek greatness. That’s really the gist of Two Souls Spirits, to seek greatness within craft distilleries, highlight exceptional finds, and share them with the whiskey world. They seek to be curators of great craft whiskey, and to illuminate expressions that might otherwise have gone undetected.

Two Souls Spirits seeks out truly exceptional products from craft distilleries. They have a meticulous methodology of sorting through potential entries until something shines bright enough to meet their standards. After, honing on their message of transparency, they do something that very few in the world of whiskey production do. They share the name and story of the distillery that they sourced from.

This shows two things. First, their dedication to being transparent in their unique niche. And, second, that they have confidence in the whiskey they have sourced being a truly exceptional product.

To start, they have two entries that we have been sent for review, and we’ll share our thoughts below.

4-Year Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The first selection is from Watershed Distillery, an award-winning distillery out of Ohio made from 72% corn, 21% rye, and 7% malted barley and clocking in at 123.04 proof.

For a four-year bourbon, the flavors on this expression come through in spades. There’s a very developed character on the nose and palate.

You get the initial burst of caramel and charred vanilla before some more earthy sweetness of honeysuckle, stonefruit, and apricot come through. After, you get the character of the grains with some toasted rye backbone and spice.

8-Year Wisconsin Straight Rye Whiskey

The rye expression comes from Yahara Bay Distillers from Wisconsin and is considered a HAZMAT level proof at 147.18. Proofs this high are both rare and typically delicious.

The nose is way sweeter than you would expect, with a minimal burn. This carries through to the palate, where it drinks significantly smoother than the proof would indicate.

The very first flavor I get is a burst of maple and vanilla almond butter. Very quickly, it turns a savory direction with notes of oak spice, toasted rye, cinnamon, and baking spices.

Overall this was a heck of a pour that checked all the boxes on what I wanted from a higher-proof straight rye entry. It’s both flavorful and approachable.

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