Weller by Cohiba

Cigar: Weller by Cohiba

Brand: Cohiba Cigars

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Honduran

Binder: Connecticut

Filler: Dominican / Nicaraguan

Price: $20 Each ($200 box of 10)

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About Cohiba:

“Every Cohiba is handcrafted by master cigar makers selected for their expertise. According to a time-honored tradition, our artisans call upon the knowledge passed down to them to ensure that each and every Cohiba cigar is flawless, both in appearance and construction.

The work of our artisans is marked by an outpouring of skill and pride. The result is a cigar that defines the luxury smoking experience, one worthy of your finest moments.”

About The Cohiba Weller Cigar:

“Cohiba cigars are heralded as the most well-known name in cigars. With Cuban roots and a history of complex and refined flavors, it’s always a top choice in the industry. And if you love bourbon as much as you love cigars, you’ll know the Weller label has a similar history. The original creator, W.L. Weller, was the first to ever use wheat instead of rye in 1849, creating a softer and more refined flavor profile. These two top-shelf brands have joined forces to create a cigar that perfectly complements a glass of Weller Bourbon.”

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Notes & Review

Aroma: The aroma is a bit of a traditional one here. I know these are made to pair with Weller, but I expected something a little extra here. Toasted leather, smoldered hay, spice, and a weird note like the pages of an antique book. Flavor: It starts out with a sweet and earthy note like dried stonefruit. It mellows out pretty immediately with smoked almond, smoldered hay, toasted leather. Towards the middle, it developed umami flavors with notes of dried date and smoked apple before fading back into primarily earthy flavors with sweet undertones. Draw: The draw was mild. There was good smoke without too much pull. Burn: It burnt on the cleaner side. As long as you find the sweet spot and keep drawing from it, we didn’t experience it burning too hot or going out too quickly. Review: Overall, it was a pretty standard Cohiba cigar. I expected something that’s collaborated with one of the most recognizable brands in whiskey to be more varied from its mainline collection, but the variance was milder than expected. However, we did pair it with multiple expressions of Weller: 12 Year, Antique, Full Proof, and Special Reserve, and found that, while it overshadowed the 12 year, it did well to hold up to the higher proof of the Full Proof and Antique collection. Special Reserve was balanced and was probably the best pairing for someone looking to truly balance out the experience (though I personally preferred the Antique). The flavors were present without being too thin but leaned toward the bolder side. However, as a luxury pairing cigar, it wasn’t quite up to our expectations. And, at $20 a cigar, there are plenty of other hard hitters in the category. I think this one is up to personal preference, but there are plenty of great cigars to pair with whiskey even if they don’t overtly advertise it.

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