Which Makers for When

Here at Whiskey Culture, we’re not all about rare whiskeys and bourbons. Sometimes we enjoy the simpler things in life, like a good pour of a well-established brand such as Maker’s Mark. That being said, many of these established brands are now coming out with a higher-end version of their product line as the demand for whiskey increases. Today, we’d like to hone-in on Maker’s and give you a short guide on which Maker’s to pick for which occasion. As always, Whiskey Culture is here to provide you with an honest, impartial guide to a product we’ve long enjoyed.

Maker’s Mark Original

Best for casual sipping over ice or mixing into a cocktail that still allows the whiskey flavor to come through strong. I’m sure most of you have had Maker’s Mark, and know the smooth, woody flavor you get at a budget price.

Maker’s Mark 46

Maker’s 46 is a smooth pour best enjoyed straight or over ice. It has more simple, straight-forward flavors that make for a nice sipping drink if you’re looking for something uncomplicated and easy to pick flavors from. We highly recommend it for new whiskey drinkers as it’s easy to smell and taste the flavors, giving you a good introduction on honing your inner critic.

Maker’s Cask Strength

We find the Maker’s Cask Strength is best enjoyed over ice (unless you’re experienced in cask strength whiskeys). It has the heat you’d expect behind the proof, but some ice and a few minutes to let it melt quickly mellows it. The cask strength is best enjoyed if you’re looking for a whiskey to challenge the palate, as there are many complex flavors that blossom from it. It is a good selection if you are looking for a more intense taste.



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