March recommendations for whiskey and bourbon.

Whiskey Culture March Recommendations

Time for a new set of recommendations for March. As always, we focus on accessible, affordable options so that everyone has an opportunity to try what we’re recommending.

Four Roses Small Batch Select

Four Roses Small Batch Select is one of the newer entries into their product line, but damn is it good.

Beautiful notes of stewed red fruits, dark cocoa, and cinnamon make this a great whiskey to have after a meal or just stip on in general.

Riverset Rye

Rye whiskey can be touchy for some, but Riverset makes rye easy.

It’s an easy drinker without the spice some associate with ryes. And, it’s got a great earthy profile while still having a nice approachable sweetness.

This makes it a great pour for new rye drinkers, but it’s also got enough complexity to appease veteran rye enthusiasts as well.

Restoration Rye

Another rye, this pour is just good all around.

Each release is a little different, but each of them is a statement on the versatility of rye whiskey.

This comes from an incredibly historic distillery. E.H. Taylor built the property to distill and also hold lavish parties with a direct railroad that dead-ended in front of his castle-inspired property straight from nearby Frankfort.

Old Scout Bourbon (Indiana)

Old Scout is some great juice. But, you have to be careful! There are two different locations it can be from, Indiana and Tennessee. I happen to be quite partial to the Indiana juice.

If you find an Indiana release, especially a single barrel, it’s absolutely worth picking up.

Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie walker can be a bit divisive for scotch enthusiasts. This is because it’s often labeled as a “started scotch” for people who haven’t taken the plunge into the incredibly extensive world of scotch whisky.

However, it’s just for that reason we’re recommending it. It’s a great, smooth, accessible pour for just about anyone at any stage of their whiskey journey.

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