Whiskey Culture Monthly Picks (January 2022)

With the new year comes new whiskeys to try!

We wanted to start this year out with some solid options for you to find out along the shelves. Hopefully one will become a new favorite as you hunt down some harder-to-find bottles.

Cheers to the new year, everyone!

1) Redbreast Lustau – $80

Irish whiskey has really taken off as of late, but Redbreast has been around since well before this particular boom.

This particular entry takes all the delicious and unique flavors of Irish pot still whiskey and accentuates it with delicious fruity notes from the time finished in sherry casks.

A bottle of Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon

2) Blue Note Crossroads – $45

I am a huge fan of heavily wooded bourbons, and this Blue Note Crossroads release scratches that itch.

It’s a great pour with multiple layers of wood flavor, from toasted, to roasted, to charred.

If you’re looking for a great woody pour, this is a great buy at the price.

3) Suntory Toki – $25

Suntory has a long history and was the first company in Japan to produce a whiskey after hiring Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whiskey.

While many Japanese whiskeys have very scotchy characteristics, this one is lighter and more delicate, making it an easy introduction to a complex whiskey region with a vast array of flavor bouquets.

4) Monkey Shoulder – $30

Monkey Shoulder is a scotch for bourbon drinkers.

It’s got a nice, sweet, easy-to-drink palate without any of the harsher and more particular flavors that might be shocking or offputting to someone who hasn’t delved into the world of scotch.

It’s a great and affordable way to ease into the smokiness and malt flavors of scotch if you haven’t yet ventured into that world, or a great and mellow in-between “bridge pour” if you’re moving between bourbon and scotch for the evening.

5) Rabbit Hole Heigold – $70

Heigold is an excellent choice for those looking for a good, solid pour. Rabbit Hole malts all of their secondary grains, meaning that there’s a strong flavor and deep earthiness that balances the sweetness of this bourbon.

6) Old Grandad Bottled-In-Bond – $25

In my opinion, this is one of the best-kept “hidden gem” bottles around. It’s definitely not going to replace some of the higher-end and well-aged bottles, but for the price and availability, it definitely drinks unexpectedly well.

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