Whiskey Culture Visits Talnua Distillery

As we traverse the country in search of our next great pour, we stumbled across a distillery doing something very different. A distillery named “Talnua.”

Talnua Distillery in Arvada, CO has a vision. One that doesn’t quite follow a traditional past while still paying its respects to tradition. Its name is derived from two old Irish-Gaelic words: ‘Talamh’, meaning ‘Land’, and ‘Nua’, meaning ‘New.’ Names are foundational, as they are the means by which our entire existence is summed up.

Talnua is bringing old-world, Irish-style pot still whiskey to America. We are a massive whiskey market, and American pot still whiskey is still very much in its infancy here. And, Talnua is hoping to change that by introducing thirsty whiskey fans to the unique and full-bodied flavors that can only come from a pot still.

The distillery was started by husband and wife team Patrick and Meagan after one fateful day on their honeymoon. They visited Ireland, where they had strong family roots, and they tried one of the first new pot still whiskeys to be distilled in ages. They fell in love with it, but were distressed to learn that it was a nearly extinct artform.

Rather than bringing knick-knacks back, they decided to bring a plan to start America’s first pot still distillery.

Over the years, they have embraced the terroir of American grains and mastered its use in this traditional whiskey. Something that hadn’t been done before. And, they are still going strong, expanding their operations and continuing to create this unique, cultural fusion.

With new and limited edition expressions rolling out of their massive pot stills, we have a lot to look forward to for years to come.

You can learn more about Talnua by clicking here. You can also watch our episode of The Rickhouse featuring Talnua in the video below!

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