Whiskey Influencers: Hood Sommelier

A picture of Hood Sommelier aka Jack Beguedou

Jack Beguedou is a staple in the whiskey influencer scene. Though, you may know him better by his screen name “Hood Sommelier.”

He is breaking boundaries and bringing passion and education to those who follow him. He’s been around the country doing whiskey events and sharing his passion with all those he meets. In the whiskey influencer community, people don’t have enough kind things to say about him.

So, let’s pour a glass, sit back, and get to learn more about our friend!

Tell Us A Little About You:

“I’m a French-speaking immigrant from Togo, West Africa.

I’m the father of a beautiful daughter, an insurance agent, WSET Certified spirits enthusiast, and the creator of the show ‘Mondays Suck’ and host of the “THE TRUTH IS BARREL PROOF” podcast.”

What Kind of Person Were You Growing Up?

“I grew up in Africa in a rough home, but what I couldn’t do at home I did outside.

I was the class clown, a theater kid, a member of the music club, and friends with anyone and everyone. It didn’t matter if you were a ‘nerd’ or a ‘cool kid.’ Though I was more of a funny and nerdy kid.”

A picture of Hood Sommelier aka Jack Beguedou and his family

What Is A Normal Day For You?

“My alarm goes off at 7:30 a.m. I’m lucky that I have a partner that takes my daughter to school in the mornings before I get up.

I start off by checking my Instagram and TikTok activity. I respond to comments and strategize new content for the day. Then, I have to handle my insurance agency business.

In the afternoon I pick up my daughter from school. We get settled back home and then I focus on my Hood Sommelier accounts and content creation before spending the rest of the evening with my family.

For me, bedtime is usually not until 11 p.m.”

What Has Being An Influencer Taught You?

“It’s taught me that people are more than their social media handles. It’s taught me that there is more light in the world than people think, you just have to be very intentional about the people you keep around.”

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In The Influencer Space?

A picture of Hood Sommelier aka Jack Beguedou at an event.

“Working with more European and Black-owned brands.

As you can see from my content, I’m a bilingual single malt and scotch fanatic. But, a lot of European whiskey brands are hard to get ahold of or don’t want to give opportunities to small content creators.

As a Black person myself, I am always in search of the next black-owned spirit. But, there are only a few Black-owned brands willing to put their product into the hands of other Black content creators.”

What Parting Thoughts Would You Like To Share With The Whiskey Community?

“Let’s keep supporting each other!

Being in the whiskey community is like being in a loving, dysfunctional family. You can fight, and there’s always friction and disagreement, but at the end of the day we all are united and love the same thing.”

How Can People Follow Hood Sommelier?

You can follow him on Facebook by clicking here, or Instagram by clicking here.

You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here, or listen to his Spotify show by clicking here.

Also, you can go to Hoodsom.com


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