Knob Creek Single Barrel Select – Whiskey Willy’s

Single barrels handpicked so you can enjoy Knob Creek in its full, unblended glory.

Dark Door – Spirit of The Harvest

The classic Pennsylvania style rye whiskey – aged at least 1 day. Full of clove, pepper, allspice, citrus, cocoa, and vanilla.

Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel – Corona & Tampa Bay Whiskey Society

Known for being fuller bodied, with rich vanilla flavors and a hint of sweetness, it’s the perfect bourbon to enjoy neat. A complex layering of almonds, honey, blackberries, and leather gives way to a long, dark and lingering finish.

High West Double Rye Limited – Corona, Berns, & TBWS Pick

High West's Double Rye is a blend of two straight rye whiskeys. One from legendary distillery MGP, the other from their own distillate.

Rise of The Single Barrel

Single barrels aren't anything new. They are as old as aged whiskey itself. Many whiskies were purchased by the barrel until the modern innovations to bottling and distribution. However, this ages-old purchasing trend has come back in a blaze of glory.

Elijah Craig – Toasted Barrel

Twice barreled for added complexity, Toasted Barrel takes our award-winning Small Batch Bourbon to new heights.

Barrell Craft Spirits – Bourbon Batch 23

Our extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean we can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient, yet always add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Chicken Cock – Rye

A historic Kentucky brand dating back to 1856. It's believed its rise to fame took place during prohibition where it became a supplier and favorite pour at The Cotton Club speakeasy in Harlem, New York.

Still Austin – The Musician

Still Austin is a new kid on the block. They were founded in 2017 with a vision of a true, locally sourced, grain-to-glass whiskey. The Musician is the culmination of that vision, one that is as rich in a glass as it was in their dreams.

Chattanooga Whiskey 111

We're suckers for a good story behind a good brand here at Whiskey Culture. If you feel the same way, good news, Chattanooga Whiskey delivers.