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Bottle Reviews

A picture of smoke wagon small batch

Smoke Wagon Small Batch

Smoke Wagon Small Batch is a high-rye bourbon made in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's become highly-sought, but, does it stand up to the hype?

Blue Note 9 Year

Blue Note has been making a splash in the whiskey community. Their barrel picks are popping up everywhere, but how is their 9 year entry?

Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye

Michter's Limited Edition releases always generate a bunch of buzz. The limited-edition barrel strength rye earns the praise.


Laws Cognac Finished Whiskey is Pure Deliciousness

Laws Whiskey House has come out with some incredible expressions. Their Cognac Finished is their latest. Let's check it out!

21st Amendment Distillery Forges Ahead

21st Amendment Distillery is on its way to opening doors. But, there are always challenges to overcome. Join us as we follow their journey.

Tarpon Springs Releases Their First Rye Whiskey

Tarpon Springs Distillery is known in their area for taking…


Tarpon Springs Distillery Sells A Historic Spirit

Aqua Vitae is, in many ways, a predecessor to whiskey. It was the first widely-made spirit. Now, it's available in Tarpon Springs.

Why Does Rabbit Hole Toast & Char Their Barrels?

Charred barrels have been a staple of whiskey production for a century. And now "toasted" barrels are all the rage. But, what does that mean?

Who Was Elijah Craig?

Elijah Craig has numerous legends surrounding his history in addition to a best-selling line of whiskey by Haven Hill. But, who was he?


Buffalo Trace Cigar

Buffalo Trace makes an amazing sipping whiskey. But, is their venture into the cigar market worth your hard-earned money?

Weller by Cohiba

Weller is one of the most recognizable and widely-sought whiskey expressions. But, does their partnership with Cohiba hold up?


Top Holiday Gifts For Whiskey Enthusiasts

One of our headline contributors, Chris, shares with us his list of gifts sure to please whiskey enthusiasts this holiday season.

Dark Door’s Got The Gifts

Dark Door Spirits in Tampa, FL has the answer for Bay Area residents wondering what to get their loved ones this holiday season: "booze."

Gold Fashioned

$150 for a pre-batched cocktail seems steep. But, Sunday's Finest promises luxury and quality with their Gold Fashioned. Let's see!


North Third: Basil Bourbon Bomb

The Basil Bourbon Bomb at North Third in Philadelphia is a unique blend of citrus and herb. It's brought to life with basil-infused whiskey.

A Brunch of New Combinations at Carson’s

Carson's in Lexington is rolling out this whiskey lover's morning…

Experiencing Jeptha Creed Distillery

This spring we were able to get an inside look at Jeptha Creed's distillery and newly renovated barrel tasting experience.