Hooten Young at Davidoff Tampa

Davidoff of Geneva in Tampa is notorious for great whiskey events. Their most recent was hosting Norm Hooten & Tim Young from Hooten Young Whiskey!

Devil’s River – “Beef & Leaf” SB

Low corn, high rye, and high proof should mark this bourbon as something incredibly hot. But what we get is so much more complex.

Spirit of The Oak – 60 Second Review

Today we take 60 seconds to review Spirit of The Oak by Dark Door Spirits.

Tampa Distillery Looking For Local Support in FedEx Grant Giveaway

FedEx is giving away three grants to small businesses ranging from $50,000 to $15,000 for first through third place winners, and Dark Door Spirits is looking to hit it big.

Wilderness Trail – Family Reserve Rye SB

At 107, the pour drinks smooth. As in, probably closer to 100, which is always a good thing when pours drink below their proof but maintain a higher level of boldness and flavor. 

Wilderness Trail – Family Reserve Bourbon SB

The mash bill is 64% corn, 24% rye, and 12% malted barley. With the higher rye content, it's unsurprising that the rye peaks through pretty immediately in both the nose and the palate. However, it's still balanced by more sweet and subtle notes that pull it from "overly bold" to a more rounded and complex experience. 

Whiskey Culture Magazine – Issue #5

Check out the newest edition of Whiskey Culture Magazine! We check out Laws Whiskey House, learn about the Whiskey Rebellion, and much more!

Hooten Young 12 Year

Hooten Young seems to have hit the mark on marrying subtle flavor and sweetness with the complexity of more bold and savory flavors.

Koval Bourbon – Single Barrel Corona & Lueken’s

Koval is a Chicago whiskey, immediately separating itself from the pack when it comes to geography.  The major four states right now are Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Colorado. However, we're starting to see more bourbons come from other areas of the country. With the intensity of the whiskey craze sweeping the nation, it's unsurprising. 

WhistlePig 12 Year – Whiskey Tribunal 2020 Pick

The spice is mellowed by the time in the barrel, allowing it to develop more subtle flavors. This married with the Pineau Cask give the pour some truly unique notes that really surprised us.