Maker's Mark 101

Maker's Mark 101 is our signature Maker’s Mark family recipe, brought to you at a higher proof. Now available in limited quantities at our distillery.

Chicken Cock - Beer Barrel Select

It is a very unique product that isn't an all-purpose bourbon, but definitely hits a good note with a craft beer and bourbon loving crossover audience that is bold on both fronts. 

Rabbit Hole - Dereringer

Rabbit Hole, a relatively new distillery to the whiskey scene, is making a big splash in the market. Dareringer is their sherry cask finished bourbon.

Old Forester - Old Fine Whisky 1910

Today, we review an expression from Old Forester which was a silver-lining in a bottling line fire. Clocking in at 93 proof, it's a solid addition to the Old Forester product line.

Four Roses - Limited Edition 2019

The 2019 Four Roses Limited Edition Barrel Strength is a solid pour at 112.6 proof. 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch marks the first Four Roses limited-quantity bottling to feature a 21-year-old Bourbon which is from the distillery’s OBSV recipe.

Old Forester - Birthday Bourbon 2019

The balancing act of savory and sweet keep this 100 proof bourbon from tasting too hot in a great way. You'll find yourself bouncing between drinking this bourbon, and wanting a rich and savory caramel-based desert with icing as an ideal pairing.

Michter's Unblended American Whiskey

At the price, this would make a fine casual pour on most days, and it mixes well in an old fashioned, though, we like lemon more than orange with this particular whiskey as the acidity cuts nicely and adds a pop. 

Broken Barrel Bourbon

Broken Barrel Bourbon features a unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that makes it perfectly balanced to infuse. Rich, complex, layered and beyond beautiful, Broken Barrel goes where others won’t.