Founders Frootwood Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer Ale

Founders Frootwood

Beer: Founder’s Frootwood

Type: Cherry ale aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels

Brewery: New Holland Brewing Co

Price: $18.99 (4-pk)

ABV: 8%

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About Founders Brewing Co:

We at Founders Brewing Co. have been lucky to evolve into one of the highest recognized breweries in the United States. We’ve been ranked in the top breweries in the world by for the last five years, and we have several beers listed in the top 100 beers of the world on We’re now among the top ten largest craft breweries in the country and one of the fastest-growing.

We’re proud to be doing what we’re doing. We give credit to our staff for continuously working to reinvent what beer can be and thanks to our many customers for whom we work to provide world-class beers.

About Frootwood:

We took a crisp, light-bodied cherry ale and hid it away in oak barrels that have held both bourbon and maple syrup. After a lengthy stint, it emerged a changed beer, blanketed in notes of warm vanilla and earthy sweetness. The wood proves itself the star of this beer, adding depth and taming the tart cherry while the maple imposes a velvety texture that lingers for not a moment too long.

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Notes & Review

Nose: You get a distinctive note of proofing yeast on the nose, followed by undertones of dried cherrywood and molasses.

Palate: Intense cherry bomb with a supporting sweet cream note, followed by baking spices, maple syrup, and semi-sweet chocolate flavors.

Finish: The sweetness continues, but with a more muted dried cherry flavor followed by dried cherry wood, maple candy, and ripe apple.


This is a beer that’s much sweeter than what I would typically drink. But, that being said, it’s a damn good pour.

The intense sweetness of the cherry ale was surprising given its relatively unassuming nose. But, it definitely is an absolute sweet-toothed flavor bomb that could instantly demolish even the most ravenous candy craving.

This one really leans into its flavors by giving the cherry the stage and allowing the maple to support the fruit flavor without the flavors getting too jumbled.

Overall, I could definitely down one of these easily, but I don’t know if I could personally have more than one. But, it would be a great beer to kick off hanging with some friends, after a meal, or, if you are a sweets person, this could be one of your next favorites.

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