High West Double Rye Limited – Corona, Berns, & TBWS Pick

Quick Stats:

  • Distiller: High West Distillery
  • Spirit: Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys
  • Aged: Unstated
  • Proof: 98.2
  • Purchase Price: $54
  • High West Website
  • Davidoff Tampa Website

    About The Distillery & Bottle: 
  • “High West is Utah’s first legal distillery since 1870 and the world’s only ski-in gastro-distillery. If you find yourself in Old Town Park City, please stop (or ski) by to visit us. We’d love to share our passions with you: the American West, our contemporary western victuals, American roots music, and of course, pairing all the above with our greatest passion – superb whiskey. Better yet, you ought to come out to our distillery in the mountains of Wanship, Utah. It’s a celebration of cowboys and the American West.”
  • “We get asked all the time why “double” and why “!”? “Double,” because this whiskey is created from two rye whiskeys (both a minimum of 2 years old; see highwest.com for technical details and sourcing.). The exclamation point is to signify our aim with this whiskey: showcase the beauty that is rye and create the spiciest rye whiskey in the world. We think we did that. The younger rye (sourced by High West) is produced on a column still and tastes of cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus buttons, and evergreen “gin-like” flavors. The older rye (distilled by High West) made using a pot still adds a richer, bolder character and just enough caramel sweetness and woody vanilla richness to calm the “bite” of the younger rye. The resulting combination is bold, balanced, complex and perfect for mixing. We recommend trying a Double Rye!® Manhattan or Old Fashioned – it’s also absolutely superb for sipping alone or sharing with other cowboys and good-looking strangers.”

About Davidoff Tampa: “Designed to be Cigar City’s destination of choice for those seeking the ultimate premium cigar experience. Visit us to enjoy only the best cigars and libations, featuring over 5,000 sq. ft. of humidified space, multiple lounges both indoor and out, and elegant full service bar with over 100 different spirits.”

  • Nose
  • Body
  • Finish
  • Value

Notes & Review


Nose: Cinnamon spice, tangy malted rye, charred toffee, dark cocoa, sour citrus

Palate: Baking spices, earthy rye, dark chocolate truffle, campfire oak, stewed winter fruits

Finish: Bold notes of campfire oak, dried tobacco leaf, baked caramel, and smoked rose hip


Review: You all may remember Davidoff from our “Rise of The Single Barrel” article. Thomas DeAddio has been in the whiskey scene and doing barrel picks for a long time. Like, over 15 years long time. His pallet has been honed to detect delicious barrels, and this one doesn’t disappoint. That, paired with the myriad of incredible palates to be found in Tampa Bay Whiskey Society, and you’ve got a great one-two punch when it comes to picking something truly special.

I find ryes to be polarizing, as many of you know. Sometimes they are executed with finesse, and hold some incredible flavors. And, other… well… not so much. However, this High West Limited Release Thomas and Davidoff did with Tampa steakhouse staple Bern’s and Tampa Bay Whiskey Society definitely highlights everything a rye can and should be. 

Coming in at just over $60, the bottle won’t set you back too much. But, don’t let the price tag fool you, this bottle doesn’t compromise on flavor. And, considering the double rye is a combination of an MGP rye (95% rye, 5% malted barley) and their own High West rye (80% rye, 20% malted rye), you have two undeniably great powers coming together to create something unique. 

The nose is tangy yet delicate with nice notes of malty funk and savory dessert notes. The palate carries the nose through and translates them pretty spot on, but also adds some more classic notes like charred campfire oak, savory stewed winter fruits, and dark cocoa make for a great, rounded flavor profile. And, the finish is nice and savory where the char really peaks, however, there is a nice wave of smoky floral notes right at the end that makes for a nice flavor pop right at the end that sets you up for the next sip. 

We enjoyed this pour… probably more than we should have in terms of volume. However, it’s a pour that keeps you coming back for more.

If you run into a barrel pick bottle, definitely snag one. If you’re within a reasonable drive of Tampa, get them before they’re gone!

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