May Whiskey Recommendations

Kozuba & Sons Straight Rye Whiskey

Kozuba & Sons distillery traveled from Poland to the US to let us taste some of their amazing whiskey.

Their straight rye is everything you want. It’s got a deliciously smooth malted profile, that definitive “pot still” character, and is an easy sipper without burn but still high on flavor.

If you have the opportunity to try it, you absolutely should, even if you’re somewhat iffy on rye expressions.

10th Mountain Bourbon

10th Mountain Spirit and Whiskey Co. is churning out awesome Colorado spirits. They are also helping our Veterans through a large number of philanthropic efforts.

While that’s commendable on its own, their bourbon is also something to write home about. It’s a solid, affordable, high-flavor drinker that’s worth every dollar.

Old Forester 1910

This is one of those bottles that just hits all the marks for me. It’s not very difficult to get your hands on and has a ton of that Old Forester flavor profile.

Toasty and sweet notes of baked brown sugar, caramel, and vanilla make this a great pour for those who like sweeter whiskey.

Highland Park 12 Year

Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

Highland Park 12 year is great for those just getting into the scotch game. It lacks a lot of the peated note that many find offputting, but has great fruit, smoke, and vanilla flavors.

It’s definitely a great pick for those just looking to get into the scotch game.

Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Single pot still Irish whiskey just hits different. There’s something magical about the full, chocolaty, malty goodness that only it can deliver.

Green Spot is a great place to start diving into more serious Irish whiskeys. It’s packed with delicious, fruity flavor and won’t break the bank.

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