Tampa Distillery Looking For Local Support in FedEx Grant Giveaway

FedEx is giving away three grants to small businesses ranging from $50,000 to $15,000 for first through third place winners, and Dark Door Spirits is looking to hit it big.

Their brand centers around the mysterious, focusing on unique expressions you can’t find other places. They focus on in-house spirits production and making unique expressions, like their Oatmeal Cookie Whiskey or Demeter Gin releases.

Much of what they are doing breaks the mold on what you might expect from a traditional pour, focusing on highlighting unique combinations and accentuating otherwise overlooked ingredients.

Dark Door Spirits has been heavily engaging in its local community by hosting various events and highlighting other local small businesses and artists. These local events have been breathing life back into a scene that has lain mostly dormant since March of 2020.

Bourbon and gin blending experiences, comedy nights, hot yoga, cocktail classes, and full-moon markets are just some of the fun they’ve injected back into Tampa Bay, and people have been itching for them to expand their offerings.

After supporting their community, they’re looking for support from their community to help them win additional funding to expand their brand.

The voting takes place from March 10 – 24, and you can vote once per day. To vote for Dark Door Spirits, click here and help them continue bringing quality spirits and fun events to Tampa Bay!

You can also check out their website here to find out more about the distillery and see what events they have coming up!

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