Black Button’s Experimental Collection

Black Button Distilling is a New York staple. They have an extensive portfolio and have grown to enough of a devout following to warrant the building of a brand-new 28,000-square-foot distillery. And, when distilleries like this begin experimenting, those of us with our ear to the ground for new whiskey news tend to take notice.

One thing is for sure: Black Button is always trying to test and innovate new expressions for the whiskey-loving public to enjoy. And, now there’s a taste of this new experimental expression to allow their fans a glimpse into some of the more outward-facing test expressions. The first being a bourbon/rye hybrid.

The expression is a blend of 82% straight bourbon whiskey aged over six years, and the rest is a straight rye aged over three years in New American Oak. The rye is primarily Danko Rye, a rye of Polish invention with notes of dark cocoa and baking spice. This results in a complex and earthy profile that creates a nice backbone for the pour.

These two work together to create a bold yet sweet and rounded profile that is sure to delight both new and veteran whiskey enthusiasts alike.

The nose is light and sweet with notes of caramel, toffee, bubblegum, rye spice, and rose hips.

The palate has a stronger backbone to it from the rye, which offers a nice chasey for the sweetness that wells up towards the end of the pour. Notes of rye spice, black pepper, burnt oak, and tobacco start off the pour with notes of charred caramel, toffee, baking spices, and cinnamon stick.

The finish is earthier than the palate with notes of black pepper, tobacco, charred oak, and just a faint sweetness of bubblegum.

Overall, it’s a very strong pour in the flavor category that moves from earthy and spiced, to sweet, and back again with ease. It’s a great pour for those who love rye whiskey, or bourbon lovers who are looking to break into the world of ryes.

You can learn more about Black Button by clicking here.

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