Guidance Whiskey Focuses on Community

A picture of a bottle of guidance whiskey being held in Nashville, Tennessee.

The market is dripping with new whiskey companies as limited shelf space becomes scarce.

Some of these companies will make it, some of them won’t. That’s just the reality when you’re the new kid on the block in a saturated market laden with monolithic companies pumping millions-of-dollars a month into their advertising.

Some of the companies are simply out to turn a profit, and some of them are there to spread positive vibes and build a community.

Guidance Whiskey owner, Jason Ridgel, promised his family “to always pursue greatness.” After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Science in Business from Tennessee State University, he jumped right into entrepreneurship, starting his first business at the young age of 23.

Owner of Guidance Whiskey, Jason Ridgel, drinking whiskey in Nashville, TN.

The whiskey game is recent for Jason, having started Guidance in 2018, but that hasn’t stopped him from executing his vision to grow a community around Guidance Whiskey.

He’s become somewhat of a staple in the Nashville area, partnering with other small businesses to create collaborative products like a whiskey-infused coffee from Javaé Coffee & Tea. He’s also been putting on events at great locations like The Standard, and partnering up with local musicians like Chris Weaver.

And, those seem to be consistent themes for Guidance.

Collaboration, connections, and community.

Jason said that he chose the name guidance for a number of reasons.

The name is to honor those who led the way before, those who lead and build community now, and those who will lead in the future. It’s also an open invitation for new and veteran whiskey enthusiasts alike to look towards their fellows and continue to learn and share experiences with each other so that we can all learn together.

It’s a great and beaconing call towards an industry where there can be a lot of boisterousness surrounding whiskey knowledge and collections.

Seeing Jason leverage his brand and influence to build a community centered around positivity, togetherness, and collaboration is a breath of fresh air.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the Guidance community grows, and are excited about some of the double-top-secret initiatives he has in the pipeline to continue adding new collaborations and opportunities for whiskey enthusiasts to engage with Guidance Whiskey and each other.

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