Kozuba 7-Year High Wheat Rye Whiskey

Quick Stats:

Distiller: Kozuba & Sons Distillery

Spirit: High Wheat Rye Whiskey

Aged: 7 Years

Price: Around $39.99

Proof: 118

Kozuba & Sons Distillery Website

Davidoff of Geneva Website

About The Distillery
“We bring together art, science, ambition, and just a little bit of magic to make the perfect spirit. 

‘Handcrafted’ isn’t just a label, it’s what we do. Every part of the process is guided by our hands. We begin with our hand-selected grain, then hand-mix and hand-mash the grain to get the perfect blend before distillation begins. We supervise fermentation carefully until we’re ready to move to distillation. 

We have two hybrid copper stills, hand made by Arnold Holstein in Germany and brought with us from our Polish operation. One still is dedicated to vodka production, and the other is dedicated to whiskey production. Once distilled to the ideal proof, we move our aged spirits to our on-site barrel room so we can continue to monitor the aging process and decide the perfect moment to bottle each spirit.”

About The Bottle
“Our unique combination of rye and wheat results in a superiorly smooth straight rye whiskey. This high wheat mash bill of 65% rye and 35% wheat is fermented for three days and then masterfully distilled in batches using hybrid copper stills. It’s being aged for five years in full-size, virgin American oak barrels. The result is a perfect sipping whiskey.”

Special thanks to Davidoff of Geneva for the review bottle.

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  • Palate
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Notes & Review

Nose: The nose is mild and clean. There’s a nice and tangy earthy rye note on the front that fades back into a wheated profile. Strong candied orange peel, baking spice, vanilla, and oolong tea. 

Palate: The palate is more savory than the nose would let on, but is by no means unbalanced. 

Black pepper, dried oak, and tobacco are on the front of the palate, followed by rye spice and leather. There are undertones of deep caramel, baked molasses, brown sugar, baking spices, and buttered honey wheat toast.  

Finish: The finish has plenty of toasted wheat, torched brown sugar, charred oak, dried cranberry, and winter spice. 


Review: This whiskey from Kozuba & Sons is great. I can’t recall having run into a high wheat rye whiskey, which is smart as the wheat balances and mellows the sharpness of the rye. 

The Kozuba high wheat rye drinks well below its proof, feeling more like a 105 than a 118. However, it doesn’t sacrifice on flavor. 

The initial nose is bright and earthy, like a field after fresh rainfall before the more complex and lighter sweet and savory notes fight their way through to breathe. 

The palate is more savory and earthy, with those sweet notes remaining in the undertone to lift the palate up and give it a multi-layered complexity as the stronger oak, rye, and wheat notes remain dominant. 

The finish sees a shift as some of the deeper, sweeter notes take center stage and the savory notes are more akin to the role of supporting actor. 

Overall, this was a phenomenal pour priced below $40. It’s one that’s easy to sip, and can keep you coming back for more as you try to pick apart its complexity. 

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